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Is there a stirring deep within you that says you’re not following your heart? Does your heart’s dream not match up with what you get up and do every day? If this rustling in your soul is an idea aching to break out and do something positive for the world… get out of your own way! You may think that getting your novel idea out to the world is next to impossible. But it’s actually easier than you think.

There was a time that we focused on our neighborhood as our source of income. As time went on, and transportation improved, we could go great distances to find employment and opportunity. But everything changed with the advent of the computer. The world is truly our oyster now!

If you’re like many people, you want to get your noble cause out there, but your hurdle is either lack of information or money. Here’s some help if these have been your issues.

1) Lack of information – In this day and age, there is plenty of information right online. Start with a pen and paper and write down what you ‘don’t know’. There are certain blind spots that are stopping you from going into business for yourself and bringing your idea/business online. One of the blind spots is ‘where to begin’. Make these blind spots visible with the pen and paper. By actually ‘seeing’ what it is that you don’t know you’ll be able to take those initial important steps… the knowledge part. Be sure to investigate the legalities of owning and operating your business, it’s not as overwhelming as you think. Buy books on the subject and amerce yourself in the subject until you are sure that you are taking the correct steps to open a legal, tax-paying business. Do it at your own pace, but just begin.

As for the web presence part, you’ll need a website where your visitors can come and learn about what it is that you’re trying to tell them and/or sell to them. This part depends on your financial budget and your interest in getting involved in website-building. Personally, I’m thrilled with my decision to make and take charge of my own websites. It’s changed my life in fact. Because I learned the basics of web building I can now be in complete charge of the message that I’m sending. I don’t have to wait on anyone to make changes.

2) Lack of Money – The best way to save money is to ”Do It Yourself’. Every time you pay someone to do something it cuts into your profit margin. There are some jobs you will probably need to outsource to someone else. But web-making is not one of them! If you have even an inkling that you could do this, I hope you’ll give it a go. I would have never thought that I would be able to do what I can do now. We didn’t even have computers in ‘my day’. Simply ‘apply yourself’, and watch what you’re capable of. I think you’ll be amazed! To find great prices on ‘MIY Websites’, simply visit this page to meet ‘The Website Builder’! This is the easiest way to build a website that I’ve ever seen! All you do is basically answer some questions and voila, the site is set up in a beautiful way, allowing you to edit the words as you choose. You can also of course add your own photos and custom information as you choose. All instructions are provided, and we even offer support by phone or email.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to get going on your dreams. One more day spent ‘not heading towards your dreams’ is a day wasted. There’s no time like the present to get out that pen and paper to start building your empire. Picture what you’re dream would look like, as well as your website, watch as you make your mark for positive change in our world. We’re here to help you realize your online dreams!


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Sharon is the founder and editor of The All Natural Beauty Website at as well as this site, Organic Web Care.
Sharon is the founder and editor of The All Natural Beauty Website at as well as this site, Organic Web Care.
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