Our Approach


'All-Natural' and 'Organic' are not just words with us... it's a way of life. Founded on 1-2-03, SharAmbrosa was formed to share a simple message. The message is simple... God supplies everything we need to be beautifully healthy. This means that the closer we get to what is completely natural, the better it is for us.

Our Story


When founder and esthetician, Sharon Houghton, began the process of sharing her passion, she realized that there was one hurdle... having a website. A fear turned into a new passion, to make sure that others with similar goals could realize their dreams as well. Organic Web Care was born.

OWC - A Nice Place to Be

"When I built the OWC site I wanted to make it enjoyable for people like me, that are happiest in the garden. I wanted to make sure that the non-developer-type found comfort and solace here. Technical stuff doesn't have to be icky. It can actually be fun and satisfying. After all, I do my web business through this site too." - Sharon Houghton

Advice from Sharon

"I'm happily amazed at how EASY building a website is now, compared to when I built the original ANB website. While there's always a learning curve... today's learning curve is a tiny one. My advice for newbies... Website Builder! It's SO GOOD. Selling products? You'll want Quick Shopping Cart. Need help? We have the nicest support team anywhere, plus the invaluable Help Center. " - Sharon Houghton


The All Natural Beauty Website

...For all of your natural beauty & wellness needs.

What began as a mission... became a reality. The All Natural Beauty Website was launched on June 3, 2003. It quickly became the popular place to go to learn from some of the best herbalists and beauty vendors around. From our humble little site, to today's WordPress masterpiece, it's been an amazing journey. The natural industry has taken off like a rocket, with no slow down in site. The future is an exciting proposition.

Please visit us now to learn the importance of using all-natural products whenever possible.

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