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Have you known people that are extremely prolific with their ideas and creations. Every time you speak to them they are in the middle of another project. You are amazed by these people and never tire of hearing of their triumphs as well as tribulations.They seem to float gracefully from one project to the next, right in step, leaving others behind as they travel along their magical road. If we envision creative ideas as actual seeds, each idea would need specific care and nurturing to reach its full potential. How often do we do this with our ideas? More importantly, are the ideas important or worthy enough of the time to bring to fruition?

An even deeper question to be answered first is, “Are you living your true purpose in life?”.  Your answer sets the stage for the rest of this article, so it’s a pretty important question. If you’re not living your purpose, you still make important choices throughout your day, but they probably won’t seem as necessary, interesting, or valuable. My real advice at this point would be to consider the possibilities of living a more purposeful life by switching occupations or way of utilizing your time. Certainly if you’re retired and bored, you haven’t found your purpose yet. It’s there if you look for it, and it involves serving others.

As an example, let’s take a retired gentleman in his golden years puttering in his woodworking shop. He’ll stay in there passing the time away making this thing or that. But when he hears of a local orphanage that is in need of some beds, and he knows he can easily make them, he’s now added purpose to his day. Let’s say the beds lead to a business where he gets backing for more wood projects that can help even more orphanages, now he’s created a purposeful life. Whether you’re an artist painting pictures that make people happy, or a realtor that helps folks get into the house of their dreams, we all do better when we have purpose.

Once you have this purpose, you’ll really care about nurturing and caring for those ‘seeds of creativity’. In fact, they’ll begin falling like rain. You know the ones, the ones that come at the oddest times, like in the shower, or in the middle of the night. The ones you want to write down but don’t have a pen. Look at these ideas as ‘seeds that may need your attention’. Too many plants without a watchful gardener won’t survive. That’s why you should always select the right ones to nurture. Always weigh your ideas against your time and energy constraints. There may be some ideas that can be delegated to others if you simply… get creative.

Where would we be without the fruition of food or ideas. You are the gardener of your own ideas. Make a difference in this world by adding value to others with all that you do. If your legacy was based on the ideas that you’ve brought to fruition thus far, would it be the legacy that you would want to leave?


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Sharon is the founder and editor of The All Natural Beauty Website at as well as this site, Organic Web Care.
Sharon is the founder and editor of The All Natural Beauty Website at as well as this site, Organic Web Care.
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