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I often think back on the turn of this last century with fondness. We lived in an old stone farmhouse. Our closest neighbor was a half mile away. Our TV had old fashioned rabbit-ears, and there was no broadband since we were 'too far off the road'. Nothing would stop me from living out my dream of working from home and spreading the word that living all-naturally was a better way.

Once I decided that having a website was imperative to my success, I realized the importance of choosing the best related-domains as well. The first names that I registered were my business name, and 'all natural' options. I could see the writing on the wall. It said, "Domain names are very important to the success of having an online presence".

As time went on and I put in my domain searches, I saw countless domains that would bring visitors to my website. While I certainly couldn't afford to register all of them, I did take the risk to buy many. I've held onto them, using them as tools for SEO (search engine optimization). Fifteen years later I can say that it's been a highly effective way to bring people to my sites.

But here's the best part, today these same domains have multiplied in their value due to several factors. For one, the amount of people and businesses online have multiplied substantially. Likewise, people have become very interested in the subject of living organically.

The jest of my story is that I followed my passion for organics, which fueled my passion for domain names. I invested in two things that were about to explode, the internet and organic living.

My advice is the same for you. What are you passionate about, and/or what do you see as the upcoming trends for our culture? If you can afford premium domains (names that are already registered), buy them now before these types of domains get out of your financial reach. I also recommend doing your own search to see if you can find names that are not currently registered.

I see today's boom in a couple of specific areas, the  cannabis industry, and the technological field. The 'Green Rush' is spreading across the country, one state at a time. It will only be a matter of time before cannabis is fully legalized. With technology, 'Smart' anything is big.

What do you see as the next trend? Do your searches now! Registering a domain is a minimal cost for your budget annually if you choose well. Here at Organic Web Care you can search to your heart's content. Simply click on 'Domain Registration' (in the menu bar), then enter your selection in the search box. Click submit, and on the next page you'll not only see if it's available, you'll see other options that are available. (Watch out, you may get a passion for domains too! 😉

Over the years I've become a bit obsessed with having great domains. But I've watched as many of my domains have reached the four figure area. My dream of staying home and making an income has been realized (as well as my desire to show people a healthier way of living).

Domain names are real estate on the super highway. They lead visitors to websites. They help with search engine rankings, AND they are a great investment. Be smart, be quick, register great domains now.

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