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By now, most of us know what a ‘domain name’ is. It’s that string of letters and numerals that usually form one or more words, followed by an extension (like .com, or any of the sanctioned extensions now available). A domain name (or simply ‘domain’ or ‘name’), works as an easy way to get somewhere online. When typed into the browser bar and submitted, it will take you wherever the owner of that name has decided to send you. It’s important to know that while each website only has one ‘IP address’ (a string of numbers dedicated to that particular site), a domain name, can be directed anywhere on the web, virtually any time the owner wishes.

The more domains that an owner has, the greater their power to attract visitors, and ultimately customers. A well thought out plan for domains should be part of any business owner’s strategy. Domains made up of key words (words that directly relate to their site or business) can help raise search engine rankings and make it clear to visitors what their site is all about.

I’ve been enjoying the domain industry for over 15 years now. Through the years I’ve come to realize that most business owners aren’t even aware of the benefits of multiple-domain registration. Most will register a domain that is the name of their business, and stop there. I believe it’s because the domain name industry is almost like a secret society. Those that understand the importance are quietly registering as many great domains as they can, knowing that the worth of these domains will only go up as time goes on.

I want to shout about the importance of domains from the rooftops! That’s why I wrote my e-book, How to be a Domain Speculator. My goal is to simplify what took me years to figure out. Not only is domain ownership a wonderful way to gain ground on the internet, it’s a way to potentially make big bucks! A single domain will cost under $12 (at OWC) to register for a year. You’ll own the name for whatever time period you select during registration. A domain that has value to others will of course have better re-sale opportunity later. Some domains can sell for way more than what you’ll pay for them! In fact, this is a book that will pay for itself many times over by following the basic principles.

I’ll teach you the secrets of finding great domains, now! I also tell you some of the strategies I’ve used to buy, use, and sell them over the years. Just like you may have a portfolio of real estate or stock market holdings, domains can also be thought of in the same way. Some can be utilized now to guide visitors to your sites, some can be sold, and then there are others that you’ll want to sit on because you see their future value.

I’m thrilled to bring my years of success to you in this way. It’s a short book that will be an interesting and informative read. My hope is that after reading it, you’ll be inspired to start your own domain portfolio. Don’t let another day go by without learning how this little-known field of investing can bring you big success!

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Sharon is the founder and editor of The All Natural Beauty Website at https://allnaturalbeauty.com as well as this site, Organic Web Care.
Sharon is the founder and editor of The All Natural Beauty Website at https://allnaturalbeauty.com as well as this site, Organic Web Care.
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