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OWC Auctions ‘Terms of Use’ & ‘Privacy’ Policies – 12.9.22
Pertains to Every Applicant that has and will become a Bidder in the OWC Auctions as well as Any Buyer of Premium Domains:

– I am at least 18 years old

– I am a USA Citizen

– I understand that I cannot hold SharAmbrosia, Organic Web Care, OWC Auctions, nor anyone associated with this site liable for any type of harm done to me, or perceived to have been done to me, resulting from my affiliation with this site and auction.

– I promise to be a good citizen of this community and understand that any action taken by me deemed to be inappropriate, offensive, or criminal may be dealt with swiftly by the site owner. This could include anything from a warning, to ejection from bidding in future auctions, to legal action. I understand that if this were to happen there would be no refund, compensation or legal recourse available to me.

– All logos, images, and other types of media employed by this site and company are copyrighted and these rights may not be infringed upon. By agreeing to these terms, I promise not to share or utilize unique company and site protocols as well as exclusive company terms and endeavors for my own personal or professional application or for the application of anyone else.

– SharAmbrosia has the exclusive right to add to or update this agreement at any time, as well as dissolve the website, and any of its activities, at any time without compensation to anyone. SharAmbrosia may from time to time remove inactive accounts. As long as I am a bidder in good standing, receiving OWC Auctions Newsletters and/or actively participating in auctions, my Bidder Account shall remain open.

– As a bidder in the OWC Auctions, I realize that I am fully responsible for my bidding actions and that I am legally responsible for paying for any and all auctions that I place the winning bid for. I will make the payment for the domain(s) that I win within 3 business days from the close of the auction.

– I agree to be added to the ‘Organic Web Care News’ and ‘OWC Auctions News’ Subscriber Lists. My personal information will never be sold or shared. I agree to be signed up to receive occasional news and special offers, as well as any business correspondence having to do with the auction and potential transfer of domain(s) into the registrar account of my choice. Any information that I share will only be used to enhance my auction experience, and/or further my goals of owning domains. Organic Web Care does use some third-party companies (mail, technological support, etc…) that may use some of my information for processing data for this site. I am aware that I am able to unsubscribe from any newsletter list by simply clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every newsletter sent.

– I may end my Bidder Status by sending a Support Form (link below) and stating my decision. I am aware that even if I choose to end my Bidder Status, I am still completely responsible for any auctions that I’ve bid on (whether I’ve already won them or will win in the future due to a bid I’ve placed).

Non-U.S. Citizens

– Non-United States citizens may sign up to ‘become a bidder’, but they may only use the ‘Buy Now’ price option to purchase a domain. Important: Buy Now buttons are only displayed before the Reserve has been met. Since Non-U.S. Bidders may only use this type of purchasing option, please make sure that the domain you are interested in is still in the ‘Buy Now’ phase of the auction. To become a Non-US Bidder please contact us through our OWC Auction Support link below, stating the domain you are interested in. Non-U.S. Bidders are legally held to this entire agreement except for the stipulation of ‘Being a U.S. Citizen’ and ‘Only being allowed to Use the ‘Buy Now’ Method of Purchasing an Auction Domain’.

Sale of Premium Domains

Once a domain sale has been completed (buyers payment clears our bank account), we will guide the buyer to initiate the transfer of the domain from our registrar to theirs. This is usually a very straight forward process that should only take a couple of business days. Initiating the transfer is the buyers responsibility.

SharAmbrosia LLC (also known as ‘Organic Web Care’ and ‘OWC Auctions’) will do everything in its power to get the domain into the buyer’s registrar account (of the buyer’s preference) in a timely manner. However, the initial step can only be done by the buyer and we’d appreciate if it’s also done in a timely manner. After the buyer’s payment has cleared our bank account, the domain is considered officially purchased, whether the domain has been transferred into the buyer’s account or not. There are no exceptions to this. There are no refunds.

Once the payment has been completed we remove the domain name from our site listings and the buyer should then initiate the transfer. When the buyer is ready to initiate the transfer we will unlock it for them to begin the process. We will also give them the Authorization Code necessary to complete the transfer.

It is also the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of the expiration date of the purchased domain. This is very important! If the domain expires before the buyer takes ownership (transfers the domain into their account) the domain could be lost forever. If the buyer cannot complete the transfer in time before the expiration, they can ask us to renew the domain for the cost of the renewal plus a $10 service fee. Please ask us for the expiration date if you don’t know what it is (Use this Form). The expiration date can also be found by doing a search in the WHOIS Database. We cannot be held liable if the domain expires before the buyer gets it into their account.

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