E-Book: How to be a Domain Name Speculator Sharon Houghton

  • Domain speculating is a business where creativity is a plus, and a large budget is not essential. Learn the basics of how to buy and sell domains, along with tips from Sharon's personal 16 years of experience. There are big profits to be made with premium domains. This book is a great place to begin. (By Sharon Houghton; Revised edition September 16, 2019; 10-Pages, $7.49, PDF Version Only)  
  • September 16, 2019
  • 10 pages


Are YOU a Domain Speculator? Maybe you are, or maybe you should be! If you’re a creative person that sees trends before they arrive, you may possess some of the basic traits that could lead to success in this little-known area of opportunity. Learn how to develop your own premium domain portfolio and strategies in this informative e-book by Sharon Houghton, founder and developer of the All Natural Beauty Website and Organic Web Care.

Sharon shares tips from her many years in this business like, ‘How to Register and Buy Domains’, ‘What Makes a Domain Desirable’, What Works when Selling Domains’, ‘Buying and Selling Etiquette’, and much more. This is an e-book that will open up your eyes to the opportunities that exist right now. It’s an absolutely information-packed e-book that may just change your life.

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  1. Sharon has written a concise, easy to read book detailing information about the why and how of acquiring Domain Names. She uses real time examples for how to choose specific names in order to showcase your products and\or services which will be helpful in guiding customers to your website. Her book goes on to cover registering the name and other important technology options that add value to the domain. Finally if your goal is to acquire names for the purpose of then selling those names, she includes a few helpful websites and encourages forward thinking by looking at trends and being creative about considering the future needs of the public.

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