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How the Auction Works:

You must be a Current Bidder to be able to participate in any auction. To become a bidder you’ll need to fill out and submit this form, and pay the one-time non-refundable fee (currently just $1). We will then set you up with an account, and send you your login credentials. Once logged in to our site you may begin bidding.

Each auction shows a price that you can pay to purchase the domain immediately (this is known as a ‘Buy Now Price‘).

You’ll also see an ‘Opening Bid‘ amount. This is the amount you’ll need to offer to begin the bidding process. This does not mean that you will be able to purchase the domain for that price. It simply gets the wheels in motion.

Once the initial bid has been made you’ll see whether or not the ‘Reserve‘ has been met. If so, you are now the highest bidder, and if no one else bids you will be the winner at the close of the auction (you’ll be able to see these details in your Auction Account. Ultimately, the highest bid after the reserve has been met will be the winning bid.

A ‘Reserve‘ is the amount that the seller has chosen to sell the domain for. As the bidder, you won’t know what that price will be until someone bids that price, or higher. Then you’ll see text change to ‘The Reserve has been met‘.

Each bid raises the bidding price $25. Rather than just bid $25, you may choose to raise it to whatever your final bid price will be. This is called Proxy Bidding.

Placing a ‘Proxy Bid’ basically means that we’re automatically doing your bidding for you when you’re not around. ALL of our auctions offer Proxy Bidding. So you can feel safe to put your highest offer into the bidding box. It’s a set it-and-forget it way to bid. Your highest bid will display ‘up to’ the highest amount needed to become the current winner. Of course if you don’t meet the Reserve bid (see above), you’ll see your highest bid, along with the message, ‘Reserve has not been met’. You will show as the highest bid, but you will still not win the auction until you add a higher bid amount that meets the Reserve. Once the Reserve has been met, the Reserve Price will show (rather than your highest potential bid). Likewise, if someone else bids on the item, your bid that was above theirs will show, until the other bidder outbids your highest offer. At that point you may come back and add your next highest bid. If it shows the other bidder’s bid is again higher than yours, it means that they have also added a Proxy Bid that automatically beat your highest bid. Then it’s time to either bid again, or allow the other bidder to win.

As a bidder, you may bid on as many auctions as you wish. But please know that You are ultimately responsible for every bid you place. So please be sure of your bidding. The Winner’s payment is due in full within 3 days of the close of the auction.

Winners will be notified by e-mail.

If you choose to keep tabs on specific auctions you may choose the ‘Watch this Auction‘ located on each auction page. You can watch these auctions in your Auction Account area.

Our Auctions are for U.S. Citizens (at least 18 years old). Non-U.S. Citizens may ONLY use the ‘Buy Now’ payment option if available. Please see ‘Terms of Use’ for more details.

If you ever have any questions about our auctions please contact us by going to the Support Link below.

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How the Auction Works:


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