100% Legal Business Opportunity in the Cannabis Industry – Premium Cannabis Domains!

There are those that talk about investing in the future, and there are others that actually do. Sharon Houghton of the ‘All Natural Beauty Website’ (https://allnaturalbeauty.com) has just launched a new and exciting web-based club that focuses on a rare opportunity to get into the cannabis industry without ever touching the actual plant. The site offers articles and videos about premium Cannabis domain names and their importance in today’s up-and-coming ‘Green Rush’. Businesses are springing up across the country and they need domains. By choosing well, anyone can register domains that can eventually be sold for much more than the low annual registration fee. Whether it’s an idea for a business name, or key words (generic terms) for a site or business, now is the time to invest in the future of great Cannabis domains.

This is not a new idea for Sharon. It was 16 years ago that she started her natural beauty and wellness business, purchasing many domains that she saw potential in. These domains have grown in importance as has the organic revolution. “Having so many outstanding naturally-inspired domains has made a huge difference in the traffic to my site over the years.” Says Sharon. “I knew that the industry would grow and so would the desire to own these types of domains. The writing was on the wall. I now see the same pattern with the Cannabis industry. It’s exploding as we speak, yet it’s still in its infancy as well. Desirable cannabis domains are still available. Plus, there are many new extension types available (the .com, .net, etc… part of the domain) and not many people know about them. These are the kinds of insider secrets that I love teaching people about!”

That’s why Sharon has launched her latest project, the ‘Cannabis Domains Club‘. It’s a place where members can go to learn about domains and the Cannabis industry, as well as find vendors of legal cannabis products. Sharon goes on to say that “We only direct our visitors to legal products like CBD oils and other hemp-related beauty, wellness and lifestyle goods and services. Until the FDA changes its stance on the legality of Cannabis, we do not promote items that contain THC (the part that gives the user the high).” We also offer a list of exceptional Cannabis-related premium domains for sale. Members also have access to exclusive domains not seen by the public, special offers, and a way to save on any premium domains that they decide to purchase.”

The CD Club is now open and ready to serve the needs of its members and vendors. A Day Pass is available for those that want to come in and enjoy a free visit. The membership fee is a reasonable $4.99 annually. Those that are curious are encouraged to stop by for a visit. They’ll certainly learn a lot as the articles change daily. If you’re looking for a fun way to make some extra money in the Cannabis industry, without ever handling the plant, Cannabis domains are an exceptional way to go about it.

Visit the club today at CannabisDomainsClub.com. The Premium Cannabis Domains List can be viewed at: https://organicwebcare.com/premium-cannabis-domains/ You will need to get a Day Pass to see the exclusive ‘special offer’ domains. The Cannabis Safari, which is the guide to legal Cannabis products is open to the public at CannabisSafari.com. The entire club is housed at Organic Web Care, a place that can handle all of your online business, including domain registration, web hosting, email, and much more. “We’ve created a one-stop shopping and learning experience for the beginner, the web expert, and anyone in between. Allow us to help you become the master of your own domain(s)” says Sharon, “The Cannabis industry is here to stay, and anyone can get into it for not a lot of money. Yet the reward can be great! My advice, the sooner you do, the better for you.”

Sharon Houghton – Owner/Founder of Organic Web Care & CD Club

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