Terms & Conditions for OWC Auctions Affiliates (9-5-2019)

Thank you for being an OWC Auctions Affiliate. We look forward to working with you!

OWC Auctions is a separate part of the Organic Web Care website. The main OWC part of the site is devoted to selling actual ‘Web Products’ such as Domain Registration, Hosting, Email, and other Web-Related products.This area is NOT part of the OWC Auction Affiliate Program and you are not eligible for any commissions on these types of products. Likewise, you are not allowed to receive commission on any E-Books sold on our site.

The Terms & Conditions stated here apply specifically to the OWC Auctions area of the site, found at https://OrganicWebCare.com/OWC-Auctions/. Eligible sales are those that spring from the visitors that you refer from your site through our banners placed on your site using your embedded affiliate code.

Commission paid to you on these types of sales is 10%. We use cookies to track sales. Our cookies are in effect for 60 days from the time that your visitor clicks on the link. All sales made by these visitors within the 60 days will go towards your 10% commission balance. This is based on the actual price paid, before any tax is added (if any).

Organic Web Care is owned and operated by SharAmbrosia. SharAmbrosia has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, including removing the affiliate program completely. If this were to happen, and your current commission amount has not met the $25 threshold, you will not receive any funds.

As an affiliate you may not claim that you own any of the domains being sold or be deceptive in your practices. You may not change our banners in any way. If you have a request for a type of banner please let us know and maybe we make something more in line with your website. All logos, banners, and procedures are the intellectual property of SharAmbrosia and cannot be used in any way outside of the specified use described here.

To place creatives (banners) on your site, please visit the ‘Creatives’ page and choose the banners that fit your goals and website the best. Use the code provided to embed the banner into your site. When a visitor clicks on the banner, comes to our site, and purchases an Auction Domain, you will receive 10% commission on the sale. The payment threshold is $25. So after your account reaches $25 or more, you will be paid. Payments that meet the threshold are made to our affiliates at the end of each month.

An affiliate is not eligible to receive any commission on any sale(s) that the affiliate makes on our website.

Any future changes made to these terms will be found here on this page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:


Important: The Auction Affiliate Portal is a separate area of this website and will need a separate login account. All other account types (Organic Web Care; CD Club) need to sign up for a separate affiliate account to be an affiliate. You will also be able to login as a bidder at the auction with your affiliate login credentials.